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Hell surrounds us,
Memories feed it's torturous flames,
The sea befriends it with its other worldly sins.

Souls become victims of uncontrollable fate,
our lives revolve around whys?
our imaginations fill us with lies,
with trust for other people,
setting us on the path to hurt.

You listen to hells commands,
but you speak to me of being free,
make up your mind,
put it in one place,
one decision must be made.

Don't take my extinguisher,
flames threaten my heart,
stop teasing me.

I need to know!
time does nothing but rip me apart,
this can't go on much longer,
i'm fading into ashes.

I love you,
let me have you,
let me protect you,
let me free you.

Forget the past,
I hold the future.

one second you're you the next your a stranger lost in the past,
pick one.

I cling to my extinguisher as your unfamiliar flames burn me,
you burn me without regret,
then you heal me without recognition.

Heaven is a myth,
A lie that imagination has told.

Everything needs to be found and renewed,
but with your confusing hellish and angelic ways,
all is lost in the world of my bleeding heart.
None of this is relgious, I do not believe in "hell" or "heaven" heaven symbolizes hope, or peace. It's about how loving and trusting someone can be painful, he cant make up his mind so its hurting me.

Is my message clear?
is it good?
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x-FashionablyLate-x Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2010
I really love this. I think it's very well written, and very original. Clearly, quite a bit of thought of emotion was put into this. This piece is really amzing, keep it up (:
Artistically-Insane Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2010  Professional General Artist
thank you! XD :hug:
x-FashionablyLate-x Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2010
you're very welcome (:
x-FashionablyLate-x Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2010
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November 7, 2010
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